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Michigan man wins $18M lotto jackpot on numbers he's played for 30 years
26/08/2021 14:21:09

A 61-year-old man seems to have had Lady Luck on his side after winning $18.4 million (₦7.6 billion) from a lottery jackpot.

The new multimillionaire from Roscommon County, Michigan,, has chosen to remain anonymous, according to a Michigan Lottery press release.

"I have been playing this set of numbers since 1991 and have rarely missed a drawing," the lottery winner reportedly told the statewide gaming board.

His winning numbers were 03-05-10-20-28-31, which he notably put down in the first row, according to an uploaded copy of his receipt.

The winner told Michigan Lottery that he toyed with the idea of "trying a new set of numbers" several times throughout his life but ultimately decided to keep playing the same set.

On June 23, the anonymous lottery player entered his winning numbers after he purchased a Lotto 47 ticket at Family E-Z Mart – a convenience store located at 567 East Houghton Lake Drive in Prudenville.

The numbers for Lotto 47’s "big prize" were drawn more than a month later on July 31, Michigan Lottery reports.

"I checked my numbers before I went to bed the night of the drawing. When I recognized the set of numbers, I checked my ticket over at least a dozen times. I was shocked," the player told Michigan Lottery.

The player opted to claim his prize as a "one-time lump sum cash" payout and will reportedly receive around $11.7 million from the total jackpot.

According to Michigan Lottery, the winner said he will split some of his winnings with family and charitable causes.

"It still hasn’t sunk in that I won," the player told the Michigan Lottery. "I am so glad I decided to stick with this set of numbers!"

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