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Cristiano Ronaldo hires crack-team of bodyguards for 24-hour security after Man Utd move
07/09/2021 10:50:01

Cristiano Ronaldo and his family will receive around-the-clock protection following his return to Manchester United, the Daily Star can reveal.

The Portuguese ace - who touched back down last week - is already taking steps to massively ramp up his security after being warned he is set to become a “magnet” for criminal gangs.

Ronaldo has enlisted the services of a crack-team of Manchester-based bodyguards who have been tasked to protect him and his family 24/7.

A source said: “Cristiano has been warned that since he left Manchester in 2009, the region has become an absolute magnet for criminal gangs. Now he will be seen as their number one target.

“These ruthless gangs are becoming more and more violent. They ransack homes and terrorise players’ families. They target properties when they know players won’t be there and often watch a house for weeks before breaking in.

“Cristiano has no intention of taking any risks so a team is already in place to make sure that as soon as he and his family arrive in Manchester they will be protected.”

The 36-year-old is not believed to currently own a property in the north-west. He sold a £3.25m mansion in Cheshire’s Alderley Edge in 2019.

He’s therefore staying in a rental property arranged by Utd as he settles back down to life in the Premier League following his £21.4m switch from Juventus last month.

Eventually though the former Real Madrid ace is expected to buy a new home in the ‘Golden Triangle’ area of Wilmslow, Alderley Edge and Prestbury, which is home to multi-millionaires including footballers from Manchester United, Liverpool and Manchester City.

Our source added: “From the moment he touched back down in Manchester he has had a team of bodyguards alongside him. They are made up of former soldiers, policemen and close protection officers.

“They all drive bulletproof vehicles and are trained in dealing with the most and violent dangerous offenders. Whenever Cristiano goes out they will be close by making sure he is safe.

“And when Cristiano and his family move into their own place it will be monitored 24/7 by security guards at the gates.

“His home will also have dozens of cameras, all linked back to a nerve centre that is monitored around the clock. Those watching from a secret eye in the sky will be on hand able to react and race to Cristiano’s property far quicker than the police.

"His family will also have access to a panic room if burglars target them. It will cost a fortune, but as far as Cristiano is concerned, it’s a price worth paying if his family is kept safe.”

Soaring numbers of footballers and their families have been targeted by criminal gangs in the so-called “Golden Triangle” area of Cheshire since Ronaldo left Manchester in 2009.

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