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Super Lotto buyer hits¥36m jackpot
09/09/2021 15:14:39

On 31 August, a man from Dazhou, Sichuan province, China, came to the provincial lottery center to claim a big prize of 36 million yuan (₦2.3 billion) won from the No. 21100 Super Lotto draw with a single multiplier ticket.

The winner introduced that he prefers to adopt the strategy of random selection by computer and picking numbers by himself over the past decades since China Sports Lottery began to sell lottery. He has hit big prize twice before, but not as big as this time. So, he felt really surprised and happy.

The winner, declining to reveal too much information, said buying sports lottery is his biggest hobby in life. He will continue to bet on lottery and support the public welfare cause. As for how to use the prize money, he doesn’t have a plan for the time being, and will discuss with his wife after getting home.

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