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Man hails 'unbelievable' third lottery win with ticket from same store
16/09/2021 15:28:21

A man has won his third lottery jackpot in four years after buying tickets from the same store.

Terry Splawn continued his run of good fortune by bagging $100,000 (₦41,179,000) from a $20 (₦8,235) ticket he bought earlier this month.

He first struck lucky in April 2017 when he won $1 million (₦412 million) after buying a Millionaire Bucks ticket from Sam's Mini Stop in Concord, North Carolina.

Mr Splawn then won the same amount buying a $150 Million Cash Explosion scratch-off ticket in March 2019 from the same place, reports the New York Post.

And his latest win saw him taking home a total of $70,756 (₦29,136,613) after taxes, according to the North Carolina Education Lottery (NCEL).

Following his latest jackpot, Mr Splawn said: "It’s unbelievable… It certainly is fun to win."

One person said in reply: "I need to get Terry Splawn to buy my lotto tickets. Three-time winner is insane! Congratulations."

According to The News & Observer, Mr Splawn's odds in his previous two wins were incredibly narrow: in 2017, his odds were 1 in 1.248 million, and in 2019, they were 1 in 1.8 million.

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