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Michigan man wins $4 million top prize in new scratch-off lottery game
17/09/2021 14:32:38

One particular player loves trying out different types of instant games, and in doing so won a huge $4 million (₦1.6 billion) top prize from one of the Michigan Lottery's newest scratch-off games.

An anonymous Michigan man decided to try out the Lottery's new $30 "Diamond 7's" instant game, which boasted three unclaimed top prizes of a whopping $4 million each. Just as luck would have it, the scratch-off enthusiast scooped up the very first one.

The 33-year-old stopped at 18-Dequindre Convenience on Dequindre Road in Sterling Heights and looked over the available scratch-off games while he was there.

"I like to play a variety of instant games and decided on the 'Diamond 7's' game while I was at the store because it's newer," the Macomb County resident explained. "I scanned the ticket and got a message to file a claim, so I took it home to have a family member scan it on their Lottery app."

Before scanning the ticket on the Lottery's app, a family member had given the lottery ticket a once-over, mistakenly claiming that the ticket was indeed a winner but of a much lesser value. With expectations set lower than the reality of the situation, the family was in for quite the celebration.

"One of my family members looked it over and told me I'd won $500," the winner recalled. "Once we scanned it on the app and saw it was a $4 million winning ticket, we were shocked. It turned into a party!"

He was happy to claim his prize at Lottery headquarters in Lansing, which he chose to receive as a one-time lump sum of about $2.5 million over the annuity payments that would have given him the full $4 million. With his winnings, he wants to buy a home and then save the rest.

Since his win, two of the three $4 million top prizes in the "Diamond 7's" game are still out there for others to claim. There are also 33 out of 40 $15,000 second prizes and 177 out of 209 $5,000 third prizes remaining. The odds of winning any prize are 1 in 3.47.

"I still can't describe how it feels to win," the player admitted. "It was such a big surprise for me and my family."

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