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Lucky Langer bags almost €10k after putting down a 30 cent bet on EuroMillions
19/09/2021 12:57:22

A lucky Langer has bagged almost €10,000 after placing a measly 30c on last night's EuroMillions draw.

The anonymous winner went into a BoyleSports shop somewhere in the county and placed the bet which came out at 33,000/1 odds.

They stuck 5, 7, 8, and 10 on the slip and ended up with a total of €9,900 back as well as their initial 30c for good measure.

Shop spokeswoman Sarah Kinsella wished the winner the best of luck and said they really admired their ambition.

She said: “It’s incredible just how far some loose change can go and fair play to our County Cork customer who proved that big wins can still be scooped even from tiny stakes.

"We admire their ambition and wish them good luck with their winnings.”

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