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Check those tickets! More than R97m in PowerBall winnings remain unclaimed
22/09/2021 14:09:18

Three people could be walking around South Africa right now without knowing that they are multi-millionaires. The National Lottery operator said it has nearly R100 million (₦2.8 billion) waiting to be claimed by the winners of the recent PowerBall and PowerBall PLUS jackpots.


On Tuesday, 21 September, Ithuba announced that the PowerBall jackpot, which was worth more than R86 million (₦2.4 billion), from Friday, was won by an individual that purchased a ticket on the day of the draw.

The winner played the lotto on the ABSA banking app and spent R75 on the winning ticket, opting for the Quick Pick method to select the winning numbers – 08, 10, 17, 26, 39 and PowerBall number 14.

That’s not all, the PowerBall PLUS jackpot from Tuesday, 14 September, also remains unclaimed. Two lucky winners hit the jackpot of over R11 million (₦308 million).

Coincidentally, both the winning PowerBall PLUS tickets were purchased at Flip Flop Supermarket in Port Alfred, Eastern Cape. Ithuba said the first winner spent R240 on the winning ticket and opted for manual selection, while the second winner spent R150 and also used manual selection. The winning numbers were 08, 13, 26, 36, 43 and PowerBall number 05.

“Congratulations to our latest PowerBall and Powerball PLUS jackpot winners, we urge all players to check their PowerBall tickets, winners of R50 000 and more must visit their nearest ITHUBA office to process their winnings,” said Ituba CEO, Charmaine Mabuza.

“Our Winner Services Department is ready to receive the winners. The first step will be to validate the winning ticket and offer the winner free trauma counselling and financial advisory services to assist the winner with their financial planning, as we do with all winners of R50,000 and above.”

Winners who play National Lottery Games via their banking apps will receive a direct deposit within 72 hours of playing if the prize is less than R50,000. If it is above R50,000 the bank will notify the winner via SMS and they would also have to visit their nearest Ithuba office.

None of the PowerBall winners have contacted the National Lottery operator to process their winnings yet and Ithuba urges them to step forward.

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