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Moment when Johnstone mum discovered she had won £300,000 revealed
23/09/2021 14:00:53

THE moment when a Johnstone mum-of-three discovered she had won £300,000 (₦170 million) on a National Lottery scratchcard has been revealed.

Sandra Devine's heartwarming call gives a sneak peek into how she responded in the moments after finding out she had won big, after not realising just how much she had won.

Her initial response to the news was shock, before she and husband Martin started jumping around their living room last November.

The 37-year-old told The Gazette: "At first I thought we’d won £100 and my husband thought it was £1,000. When I found out we had won £300,000 I was so shocked.

"To win on Martin’s birthday was the cherry on top of the cake, it was the best present ever! At first, he didn’t believe me, then he started cheering. We just couldn’t believe it - it was surreal!"

New research carried out by The National Lottery has lifted the lid on the most likely reactions and emotions Scots would have after finding out they had won big on The National Lottery.

Top of the list is jumping up and down, with over a third of people surveyed (35%) saying this would probably be their initial reaction. The study goes on to reveal that players would likely kiss their partner next (34%) before screaming at the top of their lungs (33%) or bursting into tears (32%).

Having paid out almost £3BN in major prizes, Camelot’s Andy Carter, senior winners advisor at The National Lottery, has seen every reaction possible.

Andy said: "Unsurprisingly, we get to see a lot of happy people in our job but their reactions certainly differ. Some people feel sick, some people jump up and down, some people are having a party when we arrive, others haven't told a single soul - I've even had people fainting!

"I’ve been there with winners when they reveal to family and friends that they’ve won. That's lovely as it’s a very private moment for them and you can see the genuine shock and delight on people’s faces.

"Winners tell me their emotions aren’t anything like they thought - I suppose you never know how you will react until you have to make that amazing call to Camelot."

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