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Nigerians fought for racial equality in Ikoyi Club – Sanwo-Olu
30/09/2021 11:07:12

The Governor of Lagos State, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has described the Ikoyi Club 1938 as a place where Nigerians fought the battle for racial equality.

Sanwo-Olu said this in Ikoyi on Wednesday in his address titled, ‘The Past, the Present and the Future,’ to commemorate the 83rd Anniversary of Ikoyi Club 1938.

He said, “The Ikoyi 1938’s past is certainly not something to be proud about as we all know the battle that Nigerians fought in order to be seen as equal in this club. At its inception, precisely September 29, 1938, the product of the meltdown at that time was between the European Club and the Lagos Golf Club which was all an expatriate-only club.

“This continued until a group of determined Nigerians fought to successfully smash the colour barrier. It was started as a colour-separating club, but we are thankful that we have a mixed race today, and by virtue of that effort, we can celebrate a club that welcomes everyone irrespective of your race, age, gender and nation.”

Sanwo-Olu added that the battle for the present would be different but necessary for the next generation of new minds to come.

“The battle of the pioneers was about fighting and defeating racism. The battle of today’s generation will likely be different, but no less important and necessary. And someday, this house and this lawn will be inhabited by new sets of generation of great minds and new people that will move on what we left behind.

“As Nigeria our great country will also be celebrating its 61st anniversary of an independent country, it will be an opportunity for us as a nation to reflect on our past, our present and our future. The future we all look forward to is one with optimism,” he said.

The Chairman, Ikoyi Club 1938, Mr Ademola Mumuney, said, “Ikoyi Club 1938 remains, incontrovertibly the prime choice among many seekers of a recreation and sporting centre for multi-racial harmony, serene ambience, governance system that works peacefully and effectively, a tradition and culture that has endured for more than eight decades.”

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