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Footballers who romped with porn stars from sex-mad Ronaldinho to Man Utd trio
18/10/2021 11:06:01

Footballers have long dated models and celebrities – but a select few went the, umm, extra mile…

Players often inspire fans with their talent on the pitch and even activism, yet their complicated love lives rarely stay out the headlines too.

Some have allegedly sought a bit more excitement by hitting it off with porn stars during relationships or one-night stands.

Occasionally these adventures even help us learn more about our favourite stars.

So Daily Star Sport has taken a look through the archives and found the players who sought something a little bit more kinky than your average footballer...

Three Manchester United stars

As recently as this year, a Hungarian porn star said she had provided escort services to three unnamed Manchester United players.

Shona River, 28, revealed in April this year on the How To Be A Pornstar podcast of her experience where one player supposedly took back the €200 he paid as he expected her to work for free.

She said: “They expect you to be with them because they are famous, but they don’t want to actually date you.

“Just because they have a lot of money, it doesn't mean they want to be generous.

“It was probably hurting his ego that he was paying me.”

Danny Mountain

Ex-Southampton youngster Danny Mountain was once a teenager hoping to become a top professional footballer before finding fame and fortune as a porn star.

His knee injury aged 16 ended his dreams and he turned to carpentry, but his career ended up taking another bizarre turn three-years later.

Mountain had been dating a Page Three girl who was considering getting into the adult filming industry but passed on the details of the audition to the ex-pro when she turned it down herself.

He went on to become a huge star in the field, making 600 films and marrying porn actresses Eva Angelina (2007-2009) and Mia Malkova (2014-2018).

Ronaldinho and Mario Balotelli

Taking it even further back to the Brazilian superstar Ronaldinho’s AC Milan days, the cheerful midfield magician reportedly dated Italian Porn star Sara Tommasi after they "went out together" and "had fun".

Tomassi admitted to a two-month relationship with the World Cup winner who was known for his party-loving lifestyle while in Italy.

She went on to add that Ronaldinho was a true gentleman and treated her with affection.

Tomassi said: “He’s a good guy, a really good guy, and he’s better than a girl like me could hope to meet.”

Ronaldinho was known for having a hedonistic lifestyle, which of course included lots of sex.

It was even reported in 2019 that the Brazilian legend wanted to marry two women at the same time.

And he was seen in a music video with half-naked models earlier this year.

Ex-Manchester City and Italian star Mario Balotelli has also been linked with the actress.

It was rumoured they met through the striker's sister, Abigail.

There is no suggestion either are still dating Tomassi.

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