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Bayern star given deadline to enter prison
19/10/2021 10:38:21

Bayern Munich's France defender Lucas Hernandez has appeared in a Madrid court and was issued a voluntary prison order for violating a restraining order.

The 25-year-old will have 10 days - until October 28 - to voluntarily turn himself in to authorities to start serving a six-month prison sentence in Spain.

His lawyers have appealed and hope to have the sentenced voided before he has to present himself to authorities.

He was originally scheduled to show up in court on Tuesday.

Hernandez was arrested after a domestic violence incident in Spain in 2017, while he played for Atletico Madrid.

He was initially sentenced to community service and then two years later was given a six-month prison sentence for violating a restraining order related to that case.

Both he and his partner - who is now his wife - had a restraining order put in place by a judge but they violated it by travelling together to the United States to get married.

Hernandez has made 29 appearances for France, winning the 2018 World Cup and was a member of the squad that recently won the UEFA Nations League.

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