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EuroMillions couple won £1m after dad reminded them to enter in WhatsApp chat
21/10/2021 14:42:25

A mum is celebrating after she scooped the £1Million (566 million) EuroMillions UK Millionaire Maker prize in the draw on Friday, October 1.

Holly Saul played a couple of EuroMillions lines after a reminder from her father-in-law on Whatsapp.

Her father-in-law posted on the family group chat, ‘big draw tonight, don’t forget your tickets’ and while Ben quipped ‘I’m not gullible enough to play the lottery’ more optimistic Holly thought, ‘why not’ and used her National Lottery app to buy a couple of tickets.

The 29-year-old from Cambridge insists that she and her partner Ben Lowther, 38, had no idea their life had changed overnight when they set off on Saturday morning to buy materials to adapt their kitchen diner into a kitchen-diner come office for two.

Holly said: “We’ve both been working from home for the past two years, and also had our baby son during lockdown, so I was keen to find a way to make our home office less intrusive on homelife.

"At that point, as I browsed the timber aisle looking for the cheap and cheerful options, I had no idea that we were in the position to swap the home office juggle for a whole new home, complete with a separate study!

“It was only when we got back, empty-handed, and I was settling our little one for his afternoon nap, idly browsing my phone I decided to check my EuroMillions tickets.

"I saw that the jackpot hadn’t been won but when I looked at the Raffle element the letters matched mine, I thought ‘that’s typical my luck, so near and yet so far’ and then I worked out the whole code matched.”

At this point, Holly would have been forgiven for leaping up and screaming but with the baby still not quite asleep and lying on her chest, unable to shout Ben she instead sent him a text, asking him to come up to her, and quick!

Ben said: "I was on the loo and messaged back to say I’d be up in a minute to which she responded ‘I’m deadly serious, I need you to check my EuroMillions ticket’.

"To be honest I thought it was a ruse to get me out of the bathroom – it’s a bit of a standing joke how much time I spend in there! – so there followed a series of text messages with Holly getting more forceful until she finally gave up, put our son into his cot and came downstairs!”

When Ben came out of the bathroom Holly was already making the call to Camelot and, as she saw her partner of 8 years, she burst into tears which quickly turned into tears of joy as the £1,000,000 win was confirmed.

The pair now insist they will be using the money to improve the life of their family.

Next on the list for the couple, who have two children and a couple of dogs, is a bigger home of their own, one where the kitchen-diner doesn’t also need to be an office too.

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