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Man United legend Paul Scholes mocked on social media as daughter posts video showing him chewing
25/10/2021 14:08:16

Manchester United legend Paul Scholes was mocked on social media after his daughter filmed her dad chewing her toenails.

Alicia, 20, posted the video to her 65,600 followers on Instagram on Saturday.

She commented that the video showed 'true love', although social media users quickly labelled it 'gross'.

The clip only lasted a few seconds but showed football star Scholes, 46, giving his daughter a foot massage as he bit her toenails.

One social media user said: 'I'm a nurse, as you can imagine I have seen some gross stuff, I've had faecal matter vomited onto me (for example).

'But dear Lord Almighty that Paul Scholes video… I just cannot.'

Meanwhile Twitter user Karen said: 'Even the microsecond I looked was enough.

'I'm never getting that off my retina.'

Alicia plays in the Vitality Netball Superleague and recently left Manchester Thunder for London Pulse.

She also plays for the England Netball team.

It's not the first time the Scholes family have courted controversy.

Paul angered his neighbours by letting his children hold a fancy dress New Year's Eve party at his mansion in Oldham, when the area was under Tier 4 Covid rules.

Alicia posted photos of herself dressed as an angel beside eight of her girlfriends, while her brother Arron, 21, was snapped with his friends at the same party.

Paul fell foul of coronavirus rules yet again in February by taking a hike on Saddleworth Moor with four friends.

The gifted footballer was outed by his own Instagram video, which showed his mates stopping for tea and snacks on a hilltop overlooking the Dovestone Reservoir.

The government guidance at the time said you could exercise once a day in your local area and only with others if you either lived with them or if you were legally allowed to form a support bubble.

The reservoir is more than six miles from his home in Oldham.

His daughter Alicia has used videos of her dad on social media before.

In September she posted footage of the former England footballer filling up his Mercedes car on a roadside with petrol from a jerry can in the midst of a scourge of fuel panic-buying .

Paul was videoed unscrewing the cap on his luxury 4Matic next to a country road in an unknown location.

He was dressed in a black hoodie pulled up over his head, was seen being handed the can by another man before pouring the fuel into his 4x4 car.

According to The Sun, a caption said: 'Last time u can have a go at me for having no petrol, Paul Scholes.'

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