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Fans swoon over moment Messi calls his wife Antonella back for a photo at the Ballon d’Or
02/12/2021 13:45:24

Lionel Messi fans have praised the Paris Saint-Germain striker for his ‘heartwarming’ actions in an endearing moment alongside his wife Antonella during Monday’s Ballon d’Or ceremony.

Messi was on the red carpet with his wife and three children when an organizer motioned for Antonella to leave so that Messi could only be photographed with his sons.

But Messi was caught on film and immediately looked skeptical about the idea, before signaling that he wanted Antonella back next to him for the photos.

Eagle-eyed Lionel Messi fans greet ‘heartwarming’ moment with wife Antonella

Messi appeared to be asking her back for a photo, while organizers told her to move

Antonella then returned with Messi for a photo with him and their three sons

“This is just beautiful,” wrote one fan in response to the video that went viral on social media. “Here’s a man who understands that family is everything.”

Another said: “This is really heartwarming, apart from his football qualities, these are the things that make us love Messi so much.”

Another tweet said, “Messi is a great guy. First a husband for King of Football.’

Messi won an unprecedented seventh Ballon d’Or on Monday night, beating Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski by 33 votes.

But Messi was merciful in the win and paid tribute to Lewandowski’s success in his acceptance speech.

“Robert, you deserve your Ballon d’Or,” Messi said. ‘Last year everyone agreed that you were the big winner of this award.

“Hopefully France Football will give you the Ballon d’Or 2020. We all think you deserve it and I hope you can have it.”

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