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Meet Ilkay Gundogan’s model fiancee with couple now engaged - and she loves bikinis
16/12/2021 10:33:19

Ilkay Gundogan has been killing it for Manchester City and Germany in 2021 - and he's been doing very well for himself off the pitch too.

The 31-year-old met model Sara Arfaoui, 26, earlier this year, and the couple got engaged last week.

They shared a joint Instagram post announcing the next step of their relationship and Sara showed off how the midfielder made his move.

Gundogan decorated a hotel room with more roses than you'd find at a florist and more balloons than featured in the Disney movie Up.

With Sara still relatively new on the scene, football fans may be unfamiliar with her.

But over in Italy, she is a popular TV presenter on the Rai 1 channel.

She was born in France, but her family moved to Italy when she was a young girl and it was in Milan where she began modelling aged 16.

Her attractive looks made for a successful career, as she was featured on several magazine front covers and had photoshoots for multiple brands.

It was when she ventured onto television screens that her popularity grew, though.

Sara shot to prominence after appearing on the show 'Princes and Princesses of Love', where she had to seduce a fellow contestant and was crowned the Princess at the end of the series.

Since then, she has gone to become a part of the Italian quiz show 'The Legacy'.

Her more than 400k followers on Insta get to see her travels around the world, which often include following City home and away.

Sara was in attendance for the Champions League final in Portugal in May.

And she shared a snap of herself in the away end for the 2-0 Manchester derby win in November at Old Trafford.

She also sets hearts racing with bikini pictures, as she still keeps up her modelling career on a part-time basis.

In 2022 she is set to become Mrs Gundogan, which she is clearly ecstatic about.

She wrote: "Yes yes yes .. you are my best friend .. my everything. I can’t believe this is real .. thank you for your love."

Gudgogan added: "My person... for life. Mrs. Gundogan."

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