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EuroMillions winner Jane Park reveals she got intimate tattoo for free drinks
17/12/2021 15:37:12

The UK's youngest EuroMillions winner got a bar man's name inked on her bum after he offered her free drinks for the rest of her holiday if she did.

Jane Park, now 26, was just 17 years old when she jetted off to Magaluf to celebrate scooping a life-changing £1million on the Lottery.

While partying on the Spanish island, a bar man offered her free drinks for the rest of her holiday if she got his name tattooed on her, the Daily Record reports.

Jane walked to a nearby studio and returned with the barman's name permanently inked on her bottom.

The 26-year-old said the decision was one of the wildest she made after scoring the prize.

Speaking to Ladbible, she said: "I did go a bit mad in the first year. I remember I went to Magaluf and one night I went into this bar and the DJ knew who I was.

"He said 'If you get my name tattooed on you, I'll give you free drinks in the bar for a week'. So I went straight over the road to the tattoo shop and got his name tattooed on my bum."

In the interview, Jane complained that her jackpot win had made her miserable and said she often feels lonely and bored.

Asked how she felt now, Jane added: "You have good days and you have bad days. There's times where I feel lonely and I feel bored and I feel s**t but there's other times where I'm flying to Dubai and I'm doing nice things."

Jane has regularly complained winning the EuroMillions prize ruined her life and even once threatened to sue lottery operators Camelot for negligence, claiming someone her age shouldn't have been allowed to win.

In 2019 she revealed she was making money by selling racy topless pictures of herself on subscription site OnlyFans.

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