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Footballer, 23, who played in English leagues stabbed to death outside restaurant
21/12/2021 10:54:41

A footballer who plied his trade in the English game has been stabbed to death in Bermuda.

Osagi Bascome was fatally wounded during an altercation in Bermuda.

The 23-year-old had been at a party on St David’s Island when a disturbance occurred outside the restaurant.

He was rushed to hospital in the back of a car but medics could not revive him.

It’s unclear why Bascome was targeted and an investigation is under way.

Bascome, who played as a forward, signed for Bristol City in 2017 when the club played in the Championship.

After a spell in Spain, he returned to English football and signed for Darlington FC.

Bascome, who was born in Bermuda, represented his country on 19 occasions.

Speaking to journalists outside the ‘Fun Zone’ restaurant where the attack occurred, detective chief inspector Peter Stableford urged witnesses to come forward.

He said: ‘We need to hear from anyone who was at the party but right now persons who were there are not talking to us.

‘We know that people saw what happened and we would urge them to do the right thing by Osagi and tell us.’

Bascome comes from a sporting family but his relatives are mostly associated with cricket.

His father Herbert is currently coach of the Bermudan national cricket team and his three brothers are all international cricket players.

A police spokesperson told The Sun: ‘Officers were at King Edward Memorial Hospital in connection with another matter, when they were alerted to the victim who was brought into the Emergency Department in a non-responsive state, with what appeared to be multiple stab wounds.

‘The victim was transported to hospital via private vehicle. Details are at this time limited.’

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