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Second dominatrix in Man City shirt claims 'he has come to senses and agreed to threesome'
21/12/2021 11:07:21

A second dominatrix has posed in a Manchester City shirt as she claims 'he has come to his senses and agreed to a threesome'.

Dominatrix Alaska Clarke uploaded a TikTok on Saturday with the claim and the post has already accumulated over 4,500 likes on the video sharing app.

She appears in the video alongside fellow dominatrix Mistress Estee, who had previously boasted about a late-night sex session with an unnamed City player.

Estee had alleged in another TikTok posted last Wednesday that a City player had met her following the club's 7-0 Premier League thrashing of Leeds United last Tuesday.

Clarke uploaded a video of the pair dancing together, both wearing Manchester City shirts, with a number of sex toys hanging up in the background.

She captioned the TikTok: “When he comes to his senses”, and used a Man City hashtag, while posing alongside Estee.

There was also text over the top of the video that read: “When he finally agrees to a threesome”, with a tree emoji used to replace 'three'.

Although Clarke does not have much of a following on TikTok, she does boast a decent amount of followers on Instagram, with her page followed by just under 30,000 other accounts.

On her account she posts a range of raunchy snaps as she shows off her collection of underwear and lingerie for her fans.

She also shows off her gym progress and workout routines as well as the feedback she receives from fans for the content she publishes on her OnlyFans account.

Meanwhile, Estee has much less followers on Instagram at just under 10,000 despite boasting a larger TikTok following but does claim to be in the top 0.01 per cent of creators on OnlyFans.

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