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Player pockets ₦3,319,700 with only ₦50!
29/12/2021 16:15:55

iLOT is excited to announce that a definitely god-blessed player just clinched a grand prize of ₦3,319,700 betting sports games on 27 December. At the cost of only ₦50, which are bonuses given away by iLOT, this player took home this surprise gift just two days after Christmas.

This order includes 18 matches, all from basketball leagues such as Spain ACB, France Pro A and Germany BBL. The player chose to bet on Total-“Over” in all his selections, with total odds of around x39,055, and winnings of ₦1,952,765 as well as extra bonuses of ₦1,366,935.


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Here are the order details:

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