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Dominatrix who 'romped with Man City star' gives tour of dungeon packed with sex toys
31/12/2021 15:02:37

A dominatrix who claimed to have been visited by a Manchester City player earlier this month has given her followers a tour of her dungeon with the identity of the star still a mystery.

Mistress Estee, who now has more than 20 thousand followers on Instagram, has boasted about a 'sex meeting' with the unnamed footballer following City's 7-0 win over Leeds on December 14.

Having posed in a City shirt, that was allegedly a gift from the player, in more recent uploads, she has now posted a tour of her work station for her fans to see.

She said that the player brought her the City top while getting involved in festive spirit, saying at the time: "He brought me a city top! I've shown him the theatre of dreams!"

Earlier this week, offered an update on her employment - and hinted at her 'secrets' while telling potential clients why they might want to pay her a visit.

She wrote: "Whether you like it or not I’m worth every bit of the trouble.

"Sometimes not being in control is the best feeling in the world. I will make the pain your pleasure.

"P.s Merry Xmas to everyone! Remember your secret is my secret. Even though I will always push your boundaries."

The upload gained almost 1000 likes in just 24 hours, and comes after she wowed her followers on TikTok where she can be seen wearing a skimpy Santa outfit.

The alleged trip from the player came after City boss Pep Guardiola warned his team to be cautious over the Christmas period and stay focused on football.

He said: “The club, every winter time or Christmas time, organises a party for all the workers, all the people here, and we cancelled it. We cannot do it.

“But (if) everyone at home, when they’re with a family and kids, organise a party – I think they’re going to do it, but just be careful.

“Today we have lateral flow and PCR tests and everyone can do it easier than the previous Christmas time, so we’re not going to say don’t do it. Just be careful, that’s all, because the risk is high."

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