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Porn star Mia Malkova had ‘laser tightening on vagina after scary scene with performer'
10/01/2022 11:20:59

A porn star has revealed that she once had laser tightening surgery performed on her vagina after shooting a scene with a male performer who had a sizable manhood.

Mia Malkova is one of the US’ most popular porn stars, and has over 10 million followers on Instagram.

The adult model hasn’t been afraid of getting surgery to enhance her features in the past. In 2020, she finally got the boob job that she claimed she had been wanting for years.

Now, speaking on the No Jumper podcast, Mia has revealed her anxieties about her vagina, and even admitted that she had resorted to surgery after shooting a film with a male performer.

“If I’m being honest, that’s something I’ve always been terrified about, because it really does matter; you want to stay tight,” she began.

“And I’ve had a lot of porn experiences.

“But the only one that really, really scared me was Mandingo.

"That thing was just massive, terrifying. I’m sorry Mandingo, it’s just too big.

“I did the scene but I’ll never do that again.

"Even afterwards, I felt so uncomfortable with how much I had to stretch out that I went through a bunch of treatments for laser tightening.”

Shocked, fellow porn star and host of the podcast Adam22 interjected: “You can laser tighten your vagina?”

“You can laser tighten it,” Mia replied. “Even though I didn’t need to, it literally just scared me.

“And I got so unbelievably tight from that as well, so there’s things that you can do.”

While there is little scientific evidence of the benefits of so-called vagina tightening, other models have supported schemes like Femilift.

Former model Danielle Lloyd said the “non-invasive” procedure had been "life changing" for her, in an Instagram post last August.

Femilift claim that such a procedure is FDA approved, but the agency has warned that “vaginal rejuvenation” can lead to “serious adverse events, including vaginal burns, scarring” and even more pain during sex.

This comes after Mia’s success in adult performance meant she was able to move into a £2.8 million castle in Portland, Oregon, which boasts an Oasis garden as well as a climbing wall and tennis court.

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