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Kinky sex position promises deep penetration – and it burns loads of calories
10/01/2022 11:24:20

Trying new sex positions is a good way to explore your kinks between the sheets.

You could even opt for a variation on the move you already know, or add a sex toy into the mix to spice things up.

But if you're after something that'll burn some extra calories (you know because of post-Christmas), here's one you'll love.

The sex masterminds at Cosmopolitan reckon the Pinball Wizard could be the answer to your prayers.

It's like the bridge pose in yoga, but with the added orgasms. Now who would say no to that?

So if this sounds like something you'd like, go on and have a scroll down below to see how you can master it.

Have one partner lie on their back, then lift their hips up, keeping their feet and shoulders on the ground.

The other partner kneels to penetrate, holding their lover's legs for balance and for leverage to go deep.

With this technique it promises deep penetration which will take you straight to O-town.

Often women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm, but with the Pinball Wizard, it brings all of that and more.

Of course you can throw a bullet vibrator into the equation and it will promise even more pleasure.

And if you want to burn some extra calories, this one will definitely do just that.

Want more sex positions which also torches some fat in the bedroom?

Lovehoney surveyed over 2,000 sexually active adults and revealed that half of the nation recognises sex as a workout.

According to the sexologist Ness Cooper, sexual intercourse is a fab way to lose weight – and you don't need to be going all night.

She said: "Passionate kissing which by itself can burn around two calories per minute.

"And it could end up burning just as much as some less intense 15-minute exercise programs burn."

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