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OnlyFans model opens up about men's weird requests - from sploshing to water sports
11/01/2022 11:21:08

OnlyFans model and cam girl Nova Jewels has opened up about the strange requests she gets from men - and a lot of it involves peeing.

Nova, 26, from Scotland, started earning money on OnlyFans in the summer of 2020 and later paved her way further through the sex industry becoming a cam girl in 2021.

Since her time posting X-rated snaps and posing in erotic lingerie, the model has seen her fair share of men’s unusual kinks.

And, the weirder the better for Nova - as they make her the most money.

The red headed beauty has now spoken exclusively to Daily Star about the most odd requests she has received in order to fulfil her clients fantasies.

She said: "Water sports is when men get turned on by urine.

“So they will want to watch me go to the toilet or have a pee in the shower or they want me to pee in a glass so they can look at it.

“I have 2 regulars who always want me to splosh for them.

“Covering myself in a food of their choice but I only do this is they offer a large tip because as you can imagine... It gets beyond messy!”

We bet!

The unusual requests do not stop there - the lingerie model has shared that she even gets paid for tickling herself.

And, apparently men love it.

She added: “Tickling is my favourite one.

“Men get turned on by the concept of tickling so they will pay to just watch me tickle myself with my nails, or with a feather or whatever else I have lying around. Hair brushes etc.

“I love getting tickled so I happily lie there for an hour tickling myself from head to toe.

“Getting paid for it makes it even more enjoyable.”

Previously, Nova spoke to the Daily Star about how she ditched the 9-to-5 to join the sex industry - and hasn’t looked back since.

She admitted: “I now have a job where as long as I have my laptop or phone with me I can literally work from anywhere in the world.

“I don’t have anyone to answer to, I choose my own hours and it still blows my mind that what I used to earn in a whole week as a wedding coordinator I can now make in one day as a cam girl. Not even a day.”

“Literally in a few hours at times.”

You can follow Nova Jewels on Instagram here.

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