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OnlyFans model shares saucy workout that gives her 'best orgasms ever'
12/01/2022 14:05:11

OnlyFans model Monica Huldt has revealed the workout routine that she claims gives her the “best orgasms ever”.

Now that is a good excuse to get to the gym!

The 37-year-old blonde, from Sweden, proposed that people should train more if they suffer from low libido - just as Monica once did.

After struggling to pluck up the energy and embrace the horn, Monica’s sex life with her husband was looking worse for wear.

Even solo masturbation was not doing it for the model.

But now Monica has cracked the mystery and has proposed a nifty hack to get her blood pumping.

Monica’s new found passion for pleasure is thanks to working up a sweat at the gym.

The model and fitness influencer who boasts 311,000 Instagram followers hits the gym five times a week which secures her an unforgettable time in the bedroom.

"Having great orgasms takes work and despite what men may want you to believe, it's not all about the sex,” Monica said.

"I believe exercise in general helps solve lots of problems and I love working out as much as possible."

She added: "Not only for how I look but how I feel.

“I started working out a lot when I was 20 but I didn’t start doing it five times a week back then, that only happened around four years ago. Now it’s become a part of my daily routine and I love how sexy it makes me feel.”

Monica has thanked the ‘sex-ercises’ for improving both her physical and mental health.

She said: “Before doing these exercises I struggled to climax but since making them a key part of my workout I have really noticed a difference. It’s boosted my libido and that in turn makes me want to work out more.

"I feel quite anxious some days and while I love my job, it can be exhausting because I spend hours filming or taking sexy photos, and am very tired afterwards. In the gym, I feel most like myself – it's time for me to reset and the endorphins makes me happier and more sexual."

Monica has shared her top work out tips to obtain a top tier orgasm.

Don’t forget to squeeze

She shared that she continues exercising - even when on the loo.

The model revealed: “In addition to working out in the gym I have upped the amount of kegel exercises I do just around the house.

“It can be tricky to get the hang of so if you’re not sure, wait until you need to use the toilet. As you’re peeing, simply squeeze the muscle you use to hold back urine, hold it for two seconds, then release.

“Once you’ve mastered the action, do this 20 times, three times per day."

Sexy Flexy

The model has urged that squats are key to 'opening' you up.

She explained: “What has worked well for me are squats and hip hinges as not only do they really work your kegel muscles but they help strengthen your core and ‘open’ you up.

"Sometimes I find that when I’m having sex I need to hold a position just so in order to climax, having a strong core and being flexible really helps that.

“Target your lower abs, glutes and legs – all the muscle groups that control the pelvic area.”

Don’t give up

The model and fitness influencer has claimed that consistency is key if you want to achieve otherworldly orgasms.

Monica said: “I personally work out five times a week, whether at home or in gym but I always make sure I do it. If you exercise this amount for at least 30 minutes at a time you should start to see a difference in about a month.

“It’s really important to stay consistent.”

Mirror Image

Monica thinks that being able to get frisky is not just thanks to working out.

“Get familiar with your body, just by standing naked in front of a mirror and looking at yourself will help you to get comfortable and feel more relaxed,” Monica urged.

“No one orgasms when they’re tense or uncomfortable, and being able to let go and feel free is tantamount to experiencing true pleasure. If you don’t do it much, definitely start exploring yourself with toys or your fingers to find out what turns you on."

The model and influencer suggests that you should get familiar with yourself by standing stark naked in front of the mirror.

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