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Four saucy sex resolutions you can start immediately – including kinky fantasies
13/01/2022 11:13:20

It's the second week of January which means many of us will have already made our New Year's resolutions.

The usual culprits, like hitting the gym and eating healthier, often make it onto the list.

But why not be a little bit different this year and try adding a number of sex resolutions instead?

Dr Emily Morse, who is known as Sex With Emily on social media, is on a mission to transform people's love lives.

The expert, who has 452,000 Instagram fans, runs her own website where she shares a number of sex tips that are totally achievable.

Now she's revealed her kinky sex resolutions for the year.

Here are four things you could achieve with your partner between the sheets.

1. Sex talk

Many people wouldn't have been trained to talk about sexual pleasure which is why you should try it.

If you're experiencing a dry spell with your partner, you can try to communicate in a kinky way.

Having sex talk is a form of liberation, for yourself and the culture.

And the more you talk about sex, the more likely you are going to have great sex.

2. Try new sex position

Well this is a given.

Although there's nothing wrong with missionary, just remember there's a whole world of techniques out there you could try.

Search sex positions to try and you'll find a host of kinky moves online.

3. Accepting sexual fantasies

There's nothing wrong with exploring something different, even if it's out of your comfort zone.

Emily claims when we say "yes" to our fantasies, a special kind of alchemy happens.

She added: "Pleasure becomes our teacher, revealing who we are, what excites us, and how colourful our imagination can be.

"Fantasy = pretend, something we were encouraged to do as kids.

"Now that you're all grown up, repeat after me: It's OK for me to pretend."

4. Learn about a kink

You don't even have to try it (unless you want to), the sexpert explains.

But this year it's all about being different, so go on have no shame in exploring.

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