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Bodybuilder obsessed with sex dolls says 'it's like necrophilia' but cops can't stop him
14/01/2022 14:11:20

A bodybuilder has explained why he gets more satisfaction from sleeping with sex dolls compared to real people - and the reasons are even weirder than you may expect.

Earlier this week Yuri Tolochko told the Daily Star how trolls accuse him of being a “lonely pervert” with a “small penis” for his kinks.

And today the BDSM fanatic has revealed exactly why he prefers bedding plastic robots.

The outspoken 36-year-old said he can “abuse” his dolls without the cops being called and compared it to necrophilia - the disturbing act of having sex with the dead.

In his own startling words, he said: “You can be rude if you like. This is an environmentally friendly way of being abused.

“You are not harming anyone, and no one will write a letter to the police on you.

“Someone may like the fact that the doll is motionless and does not react.

“It's akin to necrophilia, but again, a doll is an eco-friendly way to fulfill such a need.”

Perhaps Yuri’s fantasies are less surprising when you consider that he once had sex with a raw chicken.

The self-described hard nipple ambassador is currently in a throuple with plastic dolls Lola and Luna - after “divorcing” his plastic ex-wife Margo.

And he said the dolls have a “special” way of pleasing him - making them “more desirable” than actual women.

He explained: “The vagina [of sex dolls] is designed so that it rubs the head of the penis in a special way.

“Dolls are always aesthetically beautiful.”

Pansexual Yuri - who shares his wacky lifestyle with his 111k Instagram followers - now has ambitions of becoming a professional BDSM pornstar.

Earlier this week he spoke about how he enjoys being in as much pain as possible while getting down and dirty with the dolls.

He said: “I also love to hurt myself physically. This is a spanking and hard nipple clamps. I do this every day. If someone else or a whole group of us participates in our sex, then I can f*** a doll while they whip me.”

His raw honesty often leads to mockery - but Yuri, who is from Kazakhstan, is unconcerned with outside opinions.

He said: "Trolling doesn’t affect me much because I have a lot of fans who love me. I appreciate their love.

"The biggest misconceptions about my lifestyle are that I am lonely, that I need the help of a psychotherapist.

"My friends include psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists. They are all very good specialists. And none of them think that I have problems.

"And I myself am well versed in psychology.”

Covid-19 lockdowns saw a surge of sex dolls being sold online.

And one company, Sex Doll Genie, even had to hire extra staff to keep up with enquiries.

Co-founder Janet Stevenson told Forbes: “We have lots of products in stock but we can’t work fast enough to keep up with demand.

"We are hiring as quickly as we can and have created several new roles in fulfillment management and customer support in both the US and Europe."

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