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Man spends £3k to have penis lengthened by 25mm after lovers slate 3inch manhood
16/01/2022 13:16:43

Penis size can harm any man's ego.

Although some women don't really care about the package downstairs, others most certainly do.

Now one lad decided to spend a fortune on increasing his member after sexual partners cruelly mocked his 3inch penis.

Murat K, from Germany, splashed over $5,000 (£3,000) to extend his penis by 25mm after he felt scared to have sex.

His penis measured "only three inches (76mm)" where the average length in Germany is just 12inch when erect.

The 36-year-old suffered constant remarks from women he had sex with, and, so as a result, he felt ashamed of his size.

He said: "One of them told me right in the face that I wasn't well equipped."

On a mission to increase the length, Murat tried all sorts of ways to overcome his problem, spending a lot of money along the way.

The man added: "I tried pills, creams, penis pumps and expanders to lengthen my penis.

"I spent over €1,000 (£834) – nothing helped."

After running out of ideas, Murat went to see a doctor in Hanover who specialises in "autologous fat method" to increase his penis.

Despite only extending his manhood by an inch, it still cost him a staggering €3,600 (£3,000) to do so.

Dr Christian Kerpen, a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery from Cosmopolitan Aesthetics, performed the 60-minute operation.

He said: "Two centimetres in length and girth – make a big difference."

There are two ways to change the size of a penis.

The first is surgical lengthening with ligaments, and the second is the enlargement of the member with autologous fat.

Dr Kerpen specialises in the latter, with autologous fat obtained from the stomach area, which is then injected into the penis.

The 49-year-old added: "You can argue about the right size, circumference or shape.

"But more and more men are unhappy about their sex organ, and their self-confidence suffers as a result."

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