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The Razor Edge is perfect move for steamy shower sex – it's really pleasurable
17/01/2022 10:59:19

There are so many ways to re-ignite the flames in the bedroom.

Adding a sex toy (or two) can often be the answer, or even trying new sex positions.

But sometimes having a steamy session can occur in other parts of your home.

So if you fancy exploring other parts of the house, why not give this steamy shower sex position a try?

Just remember to be careful though as things could get a bit slippery so take it slow.

The Razor Edge is the perfect sex position if you want to take things to the shower.

Right enough teasing, how do you master the kinky technique?

The sex masterminds at Cosmopolitan joked that safety helmets were optional for this sex position.

To get into position, prop up your foot on the edge of the tub like you were going to shave your legs.

Make sure you have a very sturdy bath mat so you can avoid a slippery mishap.

Then everyone just needs to hold on – and there you have it.

This shower technique is basically like the classic Standing Up sex position.

But with the water and the steam, it's sure to spice things up just that bit more.

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Sex toy brand Lovehoney has partnered with two sex and fitness experts to share how you can optimise your lovemaking.

Lovehoney surveyed over 2,000 sexually active adults and revealed that half of the nation recognises sex as a workout.

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