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Model claims partner's penis experienced 'shrinkage' after catching Covid-19
20/01/2022 11:31:15

A stunning model explained her shock when sleeping with a lover who told her his penis had shrunk due to a recent Covid-19 infection.

We’ve all heard that falling ill with coronavirus can lead to fatigue, loss of taste or smell or a persistent cough, but we’d be surprised if the virus could affect our anatomy.

But, that’s exactly what model Suzy Cortez’s partner told her had happened when she realised his third limb was somewhat smaller.

Suzy commented: “He said Covid caused the shrinkage, I didn't believe it at the time.”

But, scientists and doctors doing research on the SARS-CoV-2 virus do claim that Covid can have an effect on penis tissue and even cause erectile dysfunction.

A scientific research paper published in the World Journal of Men's Health looked at the difference in tissue composition between blokes who had contracted coronavirus and those who hadn’t.

It found that Covid can cause damage to blood vessels which can damage parts of the human anatomy that depend on blood supply such as the penis, reports

Ranjith Ramasamy, associate professor and director of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine's reproductive urology programme, added that erectile dysfunction "could be an adverse effect of the virus".

He added that the erectile dysfunction can be “pretty severe”.

Model Suzy said: “I was shocked because I went looking for it and found other men with the same issues.”

The Miss BumBum star now reinforces the importance of wearing a face mask to protect yourself and others against catching Covid-19.

She said: “I set aside a day of my week to remember everyone's awareness of this virus.

“Look at the problem that we can face, in addition to all the other consequences of the coronavirus ".

Previously, Suzy made headlines after admitting that she earns £192,000 a month posting sexy snaps on OnlyFans.

She said: “At OnlyFans as I am one of the main influencers I have different earnings from other models, by 2020 I will earn £192,000 ($250,000) per month.

“The photos and videos I use for my account are the same as the ones I do for Playboy and my fans on here always respect me and never cross the line.

“My fans are from all over the world and on my social networks there are millions and sadly I can’t always talk to everyone, but on OnlyFans I can speak to them.”

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